New Agricola Versions Coming in 2016

February 11, 2016 - 8:23am
agricola Mayfair Games has announced three new products for Agricola. There will be 2 new versions of the hugely popular Agricola, as well as an expansion, arriving throughout 2016. First up, in May, is a revamped base version of Agricola for 1-4 players featuring an updated, streamlined version of the classic game by Uwe Rosenberg. This version will feature a 'greatest hits' deck of cards comprising of the best cards from the base game and expansions - newly revised for this version. Later in 2016 we will see the Family Edition - acting as a gateway to it's big brother. Designed for more casual players and families, this version also accomodates 1-4 players and promises to play in under 90 minutes and features no cards, providing a more streamlined experience. And then finally, in late 2016, we will see a 5-6 player expansion which adds wooden components for an extra 2 players to your base game, making it play up to 6 players, as well as even more handpicked cards to add even more variation to your game. There are plans to make the new, revised cards available separately for those players of the existing versions.