New Miniatures Games Announced at PAX South

February 2, 2016 - 3:51pm
street fighter
Last week was PAX South, a game convention hosted by Penny Arcade. At PAX South, AngryJoeShow announced a partnership with Jasco Games to produce three new miniatures games (with pre-painted minis) coming up in the future: Street Fighter - The Miniatures Game, Mortal Kombat- The Miniatures Game, and Dragonball Z - The Miniatures Game.
These games will be for teams of up to 3 (2-6 players) fighting against each other. The games will use a universal tactics system with dice and card decks for fighting, and all three games will be compatible with each other. Some big name designers, including Kevin Wilson (Arkham Horror) and Rob Daviau (Heroscape, Pandemic: Legacy) are helping out with making the games.
See the AngryJoeShow's panel on YouTube for more information.