Harebrained Schemes announces the end of Golem Arcana

January 29, 2016 - 8:10am
golem arcan Golem Arcana is a fantasy tabletop miniatures game that uses an app to do most of the book-keeping and battle calculations as well as assist in generating scenarios.  So inevitably, from day one, people were wondering what would happen if support for the app stopped. Would the game still be playable?  Would all that money spent on figures be a waste?  Well now we get to find out. Harebrained Schemes has announced that Durani: Champions of the Western Wind expansion will be the last expansion produced for Golem Arcana.  This also means that, as the expansion runs it's course, they will cease support for the app and, thus, if it becomes incompatible with later devices, there will be no updates to fix that.  They tried to help keep that from happening by having the last version of the app cover the broadest possible spectrum of devices it can, but obsolescence is inevitable.  The reasoning behind this move has mainly been financial, they did something completely new and ground breaking, and they invested heavily in it, but the game just did not bear the fruit they needed to be able to continue production.  You can read the full article on ICv2 here and hopefully some intrepid owners of the game will make a conversion kit to remove the dependence of the game on digital devices.