Make Words from Loops and Spool with Knit Wit from Matt Leacock and Z-Man Games

January 26, 2016 - 10:52pm

Z-Man Games has released a fun new trailer for their upcoming release Knit Wit by Matt Leacock (Pandemic, Forbidden Island).  Knit Wit is a social word game that features player defined categories.  Players will use a combination of numbered spools, looping threads, and category tags to create unique categories.  When multiple threads, and their assigned categories, loop around the same numbered spool, all answers for that number on your player sheet must apply to all associated categories!  We will look at the publishers description on BGG for endgame and scoring:
As soon as someone has finished or can't think of more answers, they grab the topmost button on the stack (the one with the most holes). Once the final button is grabbed, players can't write more answers. Players then compare answers, crossing out those they have in common with someone else, then scoring points for the remaining answers; each answer is worth as many points as the number of loops around the spool with the same number. Buttons are worth as many points as the number of holes they have, and whoever has the highest score wins. This one is sure to be popular with those interested in word games with a unique twist.  If recent success is any indicator, Z-Man may have a hit on their hands.  Look for Knit Wit in March of this year and be sure to check out the trailer to see the game in action!