Get Ready to Get Burned with Orphans and Ashes

January 25, 2016 - 9:53am
orphans ashes
You know how it is.  You are on a stroll with your best frienemy when oops!  An orphanage is on fire.  You being you, you rush in.  This is your moment to shine!
Blind Ferret Entertainment announces its latest addition to its tabletop gaming line, Orphans and Ashes.  One player will take on the role of Cale'Anon, elf hero, who must race against the fire to find orphans and carry them to safety.  A second player will take on the role of the undead warlock Richard, who is fueling his dark magic with the innocent children and it is up to Cale'Anon to foil his plans. This humorous game feature game mechanisms such as pick-up-and-deliver, push-your-luck, and dexterity elements.  With over 100 plastic, interactive components, Cale's player must find a way for his future to physically hold on to orphan figures as he carries them to safety.  Cale can hold on to six orphan figures fairly easily, eight with some challenge, and more if the player uses some ingenuity.  If orphans fall off of Cale's mighty shoulders, however, they are lost forever! The game will be available for purchase on February 1st, 2016.  For more information, contact the company at