Tabletop Projects Surpass Digital on Kickstarter

January 19, 2016 - 8:35am
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Another new year, another statistical look back at the old - this time from Kickstarter who, last week, released information about the overall performance of games projects in 2015. Video games pulled in a whopping $46 million in pledges, but, surprisingly, it wasn't the video game projects that took top dollar. At $88 million in pledges, tabletop projects drew in almost twice as much money over the course of the year (admittedly, almost ten percent of that came from the meteoric rise of Exploding Kittens). Tabletop games also had more than twice as many successful campaigns (1,230 versus 421 for video games) and, with the total number of backers being unexpectedly close between the two, it seems that tabletop projects even pulled in much higher pledges per backer. In the end, though, it was a banner year for all games on Kickstarter, with the overall number of backers and pledges having doubled since 2014. Go check out the full article from SiliconAngle here.