Now on Kickstarter from Keep Exploring Games, Scuba

January 19, 2016 - 8:33am
scuba board Martin Looij, a certified scuba diver and game designer, decided to bring his two passions together to make a new game called Scuba.  In Scuba you are a diver who is swimming around trying to spot all the different types of sea creatures in the area.  But be careful, the current can move animals around before you can spot them, other divers can obstruct your view by kicking up dust, and then there is the always critical supply of air to keep you from drowning.  This may all sound complicated but Martin has been able to keep things simple in order to keep the game at the family level, while still retaining a rule set for those who want a more in depth experience.  The art is also very vibrant and colorful, capturing the amazing shapes and colors of the sea creatures they aim to depict. You can check out campaign page for more information includes rules and reviews of the prototype and then you can pledge for you own copy.  One nice option for 91 euro is to get your name on one of the animal cards in the game so you can always be a part of it.  Check it out.