Black Diamond Games discusses customer relationship

January 3, 2016 - 11:11am
black diamond banner The folks over at Black Diamond Games have put up another blog post, this time dealing with the question of “What relationship does a game store have with their customers”. Their long answer goes into the difficulties of having both a regular customer base and an open door for the more casual player, while also managing the idea of providing services to the community outside of simply selling product at a price greater than online retailers. The short answer can be summed up in the always vague Facebook status of “it’s complicated”
“We're not really sure how many customers are rational actors and how many are acting charitably, possibly against their own interests.  Price is obviously what we're talking about, since our three legged stool of price, service and convenience is a bit wobbly on that first leg. We don't compete there because we can't, yet we fail to properly monetize the services that make us special, because we believe game store customers won't pay for that value.”
An interesting read into the minds of a store owner. Check out the full blog post here.