Eye-Level Entertainment is shutting down

January 3, 2016 - 11:00am
eye level entertainment Unfortunately 2015 is coming to a close with the closing of Eye-level Entertainment.  Eye-level is best known for their Nature of the Beast trilogy from Kickstarter and due to limited time and a glut of publishers, Eye-Level is just not able to keep up.  They are offering their Nature of the Beast series of games at a steep discount on their site.  And while they are closing as a formal company, the team behind their games will still continue to design, they will just be published under other companies.  Below is their official press release. Press Release: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:

Eye-Level Entertainment, the publisher of the ‘Nature of the Beast’ game trilogy, “E.T.I.: Estimated Time to Invasion” and “Flat Acting” is closing its doors at the end of 2015. “After ten extremely rewarding years, we’ve decided to get out of the day-in/day-out operations of running a company and focus on designing great games,” explains co-founder Mark Anticole.

Before it shuts it doors at the end of the year, Eye-Level is offering a ‘farewell bundle’ of its Nature of the Beast card games at over 60% off retail price. To find out more info you can visit their site here.