Upcoming Releases from AEG

January 3, 2016 - 10:53am
all that glitters AEG has released information on three new releases coming in 2016.  First is a small box expansion to Dice City, Dice City - All That Glitters.  This expansion will now add the gold commodity to the game and will include three new locations for military, culture, civil, and economic.  In addition, there will be new ways to use the added gold commodity to put on displays of wealth or great craftsmanship to get those precious points.  Expect to see this expansion in April of 2016. pretense Next is a social deduction meta game from Jason Tagmire that made it's rounds on Kickstarter this past year, Pretense.  In this  game you are given a card at the start of your game night which gives you a role.  On that role will be an action that might be taken during a game night, like passing you the rulebook, catching something that is thrown, or being the only one to clean up a game.  If you succeed in doing that action you get to take another person's role card, so it's key to figure out who has what card so you can stop them from carrying out their action while you carry out yours to collect the most role cards.  The one with the most role cards at the end of the game night wins. Look for this March in 2016. twilightsquabble Lastly we have AEG doing something crazy, taking the #1 game Twilight Struggle, and turning it into a 2-player micro game called Twilight Squabble.  The game is described as,
Players struggle in an effort to swing the Balance of Power to their favor and win the Space Race. With cunning card play and a bit of bluffing can you end the Cold War in your favor without triggering Mutually Assured Destruction?
Expect to see this game in April of 2016.