Now on Kickstarter (again) from Queen Games – Kingdom Builder: Marshlands

December 30, 2015 - 7:55am
marshlands Followers of Dice Tower News will no doubt remember back in June of 2015, Queen Games had put up a Kickstarter for Kingdom Builder: Marshlands which was then abruptly canceled due to contractual issues with Donald X. Vaccarino, the designer.  There had been some issues with a missed publishing deadline and owed back pay between Queen Games and Donald. It seems, however, that things have been worked out.  According to this post on the BoardGameGeek site, Donald has signed a new contract with Queen Games which addresses some of these issues as well as secures the publishing of the 4th expansion of Kingdom builder as well.  Here's hoping the new contract works out well for Donald and Queen Games. marshlands comp Kingdom Builder: Marshlands, like the other expansions, will tout new abilities to obtain, new boards to use, as well as some new ways to score.  Kingdom Builder is a gateway type game where every turn you are placing down settlements in locations indicated by a card you draw.  You are arranging these settlements in such a way that the three randomly chosen scoring cards will net you the most points.  The first two expansions added more boards and more abilities along with additional types of settlements you could put down adding more variety to the game.  This expansion is not much different in that it gives you more boards to use and abilities to choose from, however, there is one big change this new expansion brings.  In the past you could only ever get one of an ability tile in the game, with this expansion you can get the same ability tile twice, and when you get the second tile you get a bonus use of that ability for a total of three uses.  This will bring some freshness into the game and make it feel new again.  You can head on over to the campaign page to pledge for the expansion and many variations of the base game and other expansions.