3 Days Remain to Back Dungeon Busters Family Filler from Mayday Games

December 30, 2015 - 7:58am
dungeon busters Mayday Games is known for their commitment to family friendly, filler games like Click Clack Lumberjack and Get BitDungeon Busters is the next game in the line and brings with it the fun of looting a dungeon, or the peril of making your opponents pay for their greed!
In Dungeon Busters, the players take the role of heroes exploring dungeons and defeating monsters in search of treasures. In order to defeat a monster, every player simultaneously plays a card face-down then all reveal. If two or more players play the same value, they are all ignored. If players are defeated, the player who played the lowest value should return some treasures as a penalty. If players defeat the monster, players divide rewards but the player who played the lowest card gets the best reward!
dungone busters cards Dungeon Busters shares an element with Get Bit but the semi-cooperative nature is sure to create some exciting and unexpected outcomes.  There are videos reviews and rules explanations on the Kickstarter page.  With only five days left, this game has funded well beyond its goal and is currently knocking out stretch goals.  Be sure to check it out and see if it's a fit for your family.