New Distribution Arrangement for Krosmaster

December 23, 2015 - 12:40pm
krosmaster cmon The end of the year continues to bring news of shifts in partnerships and distributions. This time it has to do with Krosmaster Arena and it's publisher Ankama Products.  Currently, English language Krosmaster products are distributed by Japanime Games here in the US and around the world, but starting in 2016, CMON (CoolMiniOrNot) Inc. will now take over the distribution of the Krosmaster line here in the US.  So for those overseas trying to get English language Krosmaster products, nothing will change, but those of us here in the US will start seeing the CMON name on the box starting with the upcoming release Krosmaster Quest.  Also, just to reassure those who pre-ordered with Japanime Games, CMON will take over all the distribution of pre-orders made through Japanime Games so the transition will be seamless without any additional work for you.  You can read the announcement below in Ankama's press release.

New Distribution Arrangement for Krosmaster

Ankama Products and Japanime Games are pleased to announce a realignment of their distribution relationship and announced today that CMON Inc will take over USA distribution of new and ongoing Ankama products in 2016. Ankama Products enjoyed a fruitful relationship with its previous stateside distributor Japanime Games but wish to explore the new opportunities that partnering with CMON Inc will provide. Japanime Games will continue to be the exclusive worldwide distributor of English-language Krosmater products that were previously released. English-language Krosmaster: Quest products and future Krosmaster releases will be distributed by Ankama’s new distribution partner CMON Inc.

This was a mutual agreement between the 2 parties to help the growth of the brand. Organized Play will be taken over in a smooth transition to CMON Inc and further information will be available shortly.

Along with this, CMON Inc and Ankama Products confirmed this new partnership will be in place for the release of Krosmaster Quest. Pre-orders of Krosmater: Quest placed with Japanime Games will be fulfilled by CMON Inc to ensure a seamless transition for customers. All existing pre-orders of Krosmaster: Quest will be fulfilled by the new partner, including all promotional items promised with the pre-order of Krosmaster: Quest.

A spokesperson for Ankama Products said, “CMON Inc has shown time and again that they have a passion for releasing and supporting board games with engaging rules and beautiful miniatures. We feel that their experience in publishing and marketing these types of games directly aligns with the quality of products we produce for the Krosmaster line.”

Japanime Game is the publisher of several great anime themed games from Japan and beyond, such as Tanto Cuore and Kanzume Goddess.

CMON Inc. is the publisher of premium board games such as Zombicide, Arcadia Quest, The Grizzled, Rum and Bones, Blood Rage and more

Ankama Products is the creator of both digital and physical games such as DOFUS, WAKFU, KROSMASTER, and the upcoming Krosmaster Quest.