Now on Kickstarter from DVG, Phantom Leader Deluxe

December 23, 2015 - 9:23am
phantom leader deluxe Phantom Leader was released five years ago and was another iteration of the Hornet Leader system that focused on the Vietnam War.  However, for many there seemed there was not as much content included in the game compared to other games in the series. Well the deluxe edition is here to save the day. phantom leader deluxe board DVG has put up on Kickstarter the deluxe edition of the game which has many improvements over the original.  First is that there lots more chits to indicate new planes, new weapon systems, more targets, more pilots, and lots more.  Next is combining the two cardboard display cards into a single folded board with better art.  In fact the entire game has had a slight art overhaul to a more technological look with a lot less brown.  Also included are well over double the amount of cards as the original and two new scenarios to cover the Cuban missile crisis.  Overall a big upgrade to this well regarded solo war game. The campaign has one pledge level of $70 for the deluxe game (MSRP of $90) and includes a host of add-ons in the form of their other games as well as a set of unpainted minis to make your deluxe edition even more deluxe.  Head on over to the campaign page to pledge, but if you are an international backer, be sure to read the section on international shipping at the bottom.