Days of Wonder & FFG now Asmodee North America

December 17, 2015 - 6:22pm
asmodee north america The board gaming industry has been full of many recent mergers and acquisitions. Well, formally announced today is the grand-daddy of them all - Asmodee has announced that those games formerly published by Fantasy Flight Games, Days of Wonder, and Asmodee Editions will now be consolidated into Asmodee North America. Asmodee released the following information to their distributors: "Beginning January 1st, 2016, the games formerly made available through Asmodee Editions, Days of Wonder, and Fantasy Flight Games, will be consolidated into one source: Asmodee North America. These new terms and policies have been created with the goal of maintaining a healthy and thriving hobby games industry, and to allow to make additional investments in infrastructure and marketing to help you sell even more products. Asmodee North America is committed to brick-and-mortar hobby market specialty retailers. We are very hopeful that our upcoming policy changes will balance the existing marketplace to reflect the value of those outlets providing outstanding customer experiences in a physical retail environment, and whom allow for so many gamers to enjoy events, demonstrations, and 
 in-store play." What impact will this have on the industry as a whole? Hopefully good things. Recent acquisitions have proven to be quite seamless. Keep your eyes out for future details about the specifics of the aforementioned merger.