Rule the Skies: Imperial Veterans for X-Wing Miniatures Game

December 16, 2015 - 7:46am
imperial vets comp
Plot your bombing runs, unleash torrential volleys of cannon fire, and rule the skies with Imperial might… Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the Imperial Veterans Expansion Pack for X-Wing!  Fans of the TIE bomber and TIE defender, take heart! Your Imperial veterans will soon burn their paths through the skies in starfighters of truly fearsome design…
Fantasy Flight Games has announced the latest expansion pack for the X-Wing Miniatures Game, the Imperial Veterans Expansion Pack.  This new expansion features eight of the best fighter pilots in the Imperial fleet, leading squadrons of TIE Bombers and TIE Defenders in two unique ships, one of each type, sporting brand new paint-schemes.  Players will be able to fly the new mission, Disable the Relays, and equip thirteen new upgrades that will "dramatically reshape the possible roles that the TIE bomber and TIE defender can play within your fleet." The TIE Defender comes with two new Title cards, the TIE/x7 and TIE/D.  The TIE/x7 offers a squadron point value deduction and turns your Defender into a straight dogfighter.   The TIE/D title allows you to link your ship's primary weapons to a cannon upgrade of three or fewer squad points. The Imperial Veterans Expansion Pack will hit retailers in the first quarter of 2016.  For more information about this new expansion, visit the release article on FFG's website here.