Crash Games to Donate 1000+ Games to Toys for Tots

December 14, 2015 - 4:26pm
crash toys Crash Games, publishers of games like Council of Verona and Pay Dirt, has just released their latest game, Pirate Den.  Pirate Den is a bluffing card game for 3 to 5 players ages 14 and older. In Pirate Den, each player is a pirate captain trying to plunder the gold of whatever ship passes his or her way.  Each turn individuals will play a card face down and then, at the same time, reveal and execute them in their initiative order.  The actions will be to either take gold from the supply, from other pirates, or bury your treasure to protect it and get back used cards.  It's all about when you play cards because a lucky play could get you lots of gold.  Once someone has buried five treasures the game will end and points are counted and the most points wins. In celebration of the holiday season and the game's release, Crash Games is donating over 1000 copies of the game to Toys for Tots, a U.S Marine Corps charity that provides toys for kids in need during the holiday season.  This donation is especially important because the age range that gets the least attention in the toy drive is 10-17, and so 1000+ games being donated that are meant for that age range will make a lot of older kids and their families happy.  So thank you Crash Games for your generosity, and I hope everyone reading this has a happy holidays! ORIGINAL PRESS RELEASE: CRASH GAMES TO DONATE 1000+ NEW BOARD GAMES TO TOYS FOR TOTS Everett, WA 12/11/15 – In an effort to unite friends and family this holiday season Crash Games, LLC is set to donate over 1000 Table Top Board Games to the Toys for Tots Program. Kids aged 10-17 are often overlooked when it comes to toy and gift donations through charity organizations. Board Games are a fantastic way to involve kids of all ages by bringing everyone to the table to play a fun and engaging game. This month Crash Games released its newest publication “Pirate Den” a fast paced Pirate themed Bluffing Game that has players acting as Pirate Captains raiding the wealthiest shipping companies in the golden era of piracy. Pirate Den is a highly interactive, social deduction game where players steal loot from the shipping companies and each other too. Crash Games is set to donate 1000 Copies of Pirate Den to the Toys for Tots Foundation. Crash Games is an independent table top board game design, development and publishing company based in Everett, Washington. Crash Games’ mission is to bring families and friends together through the social and engaging play of modern board games. The Board Game Industry has grown tremendously from beloved classics like Monopoly and Risk and seen a tremendous resurgence in independent publishing thanks to games like Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride and Carcassonne. Crash Games is set to publish six board games in 2016 to add to its existing catalog of 10+ games. Crash Games, LLC was founded in 2011 by Patrick Nickell. As a child Patrick grew up in the foster care system in California and received gifts from organizations like Toys for Tots as his Christmas Parents. “Growing up Christmas was a tough time for me. Crash Games has a tremendous opportunity to return the generosity that I received as a child and to do our part to make Christmas special for thousands of children in the Seattle Metropolitan area.” Patrick Nickell has a background in radio broadcasting and journalism and has been published in The Arizona Republic, The Rim Country Gazette, as well as other print media and featured in a multitude of broadcast media.