Preview of the Latest Lieutenant Pack for Descent 2.0

December 8, 2015 - 7:59am
kyndrithul Fantasy Flight continues to expand one of it's flagship products, Descent: Journeys in the Dark, and this time it is with a new lieutenant pack, Kyndrithul, to go with the boxed Bilehall expansion.  Not only do you get to replace Kyndrithul's cardboard token from the expansion with a sculpted figure, you also get access to 10 new overlord cards to cause even more pain to the adventures who dare to oppose you.  The most interesting of which is the new Broken ability the overlord will get which allows you to place threat tokens on a hero's class cards, increasing the cost to use that card by 1.  This could have damaging implications for the heroes, plus there are other ways to use those threat tokens to slow down the heroes or outright damage them.  Plus Kyndrithul himself has some powerful abilities with Enthrall, which could possibly take control of a hero to perform an attack on his allies with, or Bone Splinter which cause 2 wounds to heroes around his initial target.  Add in the fact he rolls black dice in defense and you have one tough baddie.  You can read up on this more over on FFG's site and you can pre-order this pack now at your FLGS.