New Releases from Catalyst Games

December 8, 2015 - 7:56am
wrath of dragons Catalyst games have announced two game releases, Wrath of Dragons and Shadowrun Crossfire: High-caliber Ops.  Wrath of Dragons has players taking on the role of a dragon as they roam the countryside laying waste to settlements, scorching fields, snatching livestock, taking gold, and capturing nobles.  In the end you will score points for how well you sow fear and devastation and the player with the most points wins.  You can see Tom's review of it on YouTube here and pick the game up now at your FLGS. shadowrun cross The second announcement is the first expansion to the Shadowrun Crossfire deck-building game, High-caliber Ops.  If you have made it through all the obstacles and enemies that the base game has thrown at you and are ready for a new challange, then this expansion is for you.  Not only does it add two new roles to the game to freshen up the base set, it also comes with over a dozen new black market cards, 50 new obstacles, sheets of new karma upgrades, and five brand new missions.  Add in the alternate art base cards included and you have one heck of an expansion.  The release date is this week on December 9th.