Upcoming Releases from Asomdee

December 3, 2015 - 11:41pm

Upcoming Releases from Asmodee

First up is T.I.M.E. Stories' next expansion, A Prophecy of Dragons.  With this next expansion you will be traveling back to the middle ages, but instead of the middle ages you have come to know, this version has magic, and that magic changes everything.  Look for the release of this expansion in the first quarter of 2016. Next is M.U.L.E. the Board Game, an economic/exploration type game where players are trying to claim the title of the first colonist of a new world.  To do this players will claim plots of lands and then harvest various items using their M.U.L.E.s, from there they will then develop, build, and expand until they claim the prestigious title of first colonist.  Release date is currently set for this month (December 2015). Lastly is the first big expansion to the Nations game, Nations: Dynasties.  This expansion adds 12 new nations that you can play as, adds dynasty cards which expands the abilities of the individual nations, turmoil cards which allow the play of the dynasty cards at a cost, and powerful natural wonders which can't be replaced like normal wonders.  This is definitely an expansion for the experienced players as it adds more depth to the game as well as increasing replayability with more progress cards.  Expect to see this expansion in January 2016.