Steve Jackson Games' 2014 Stakeholder Report

December 2, 2015 - 11:49pm
steve jackson games Phil Reed of Steve Jackson Games has released his first stakeholder report for the company, which has been in business since 1980.  In the report, Reed presents a great variety of information concerning the SJG product releases for 2014, the state of the industry, budgetary information, and more.  Here is a sampling from the report:
  • 2014 Executive Summary: Gross income was $8.5 million, down $300,000 from 2013 (revenues were up, however, if the Ogre Kickstarter from 2013 is not considered).  Dice games remain very strong in sales.
  • 2014 High Points:  Expanded Munchkin releases, Car Wars reprint, advertising in DC and Marvel publications, new staff members.
  • 2014 Struggles:  Web store needing an overhaul, GURPS support issues, changes in budgeting practices.
  • Failures:  OGRE Kickstarter drained far too much energy from the staff, too many partially-done projects on the back-burners, and Steve needing more help to cover management tasks in order to free him up for more game design and play testing.
  • State of the Tabletop Gaming Industry:  $880 million overall banked for the industry in 2014
  • Shared Goals and Partners
  • 2014 Report Card Priorities Met?
  • Priorities set for 2015: Continue toi expand and support Munchkin, more GURPS support, and continue to develop OGRE and Car Wars.
For the full report, visit the SJG website here.