Penitentiary Glen Nature Center uses Candlyand in their new exhibit

December 1, 2015 - 10:33pm
This may be one of the better uses for the game Candyland, and it has nothing to do with winning the game.  From Saturday, Nov. 21 until Sunday, Jan. 3, the Penitentiary Glen Nature Center in Kirtland, OH will have kids playing Candyland to navigate around the center and learn about wildlife, how they play is exactly the same as normal Candyland where they draw a card and move to that color space.  While for a game this makes for an activity devoid of choices, for a nature exhibit it's a great way to guide you around and add something interactive for the kids.  So if you are in the Kirtland, OH area you can drop by to check it out.  For more info and a list of the center's other offerings head on over to the Eyewitness News 3 article.