Marvel Legendary: Secret Wars Volume 2 preview

November 30, 2015 - 8:09am
deadpool The release of Marvel Legendary's next expansion, Secret Wars volume 2, is impending with a street date of December 9th, so to feed the hype Upper Deck has released a preview to view some of the new cards and new mechanics in the set.  The first mechanic they talk about is charge, this is a for the villains where when they move, a villain with charge will move more than one space and will push all the other cards ahead of him, so a lot more enemies will be escaping your grasp if you don't take them out.  The other is that the set will finally have a mastermind that comes into the city, no longer do they sit to the side waiting for you to hit them, you will have to hit them when they show up in the city.  Another new ability is spectrum, this is a bonus that instead of triggering on playing the same hero types, it triggers on playing at least three different hero types, making those multi-type heroes more valuable. There are many other cards and mechanics they talk about in the update and so you should head over to the Upper Deck site to check it out.