Insert Here has received a face lift

November 27, 2015 - 8:54am
insert here new site Insert Here has changed their website design to better support its customers. Insert Here, maintained and run by the Dice Tower Network’s very own Rob Searing, creates and sells custom inserts made of foam board. The inserts fit many of the most popular board games on the market and are designed to be both aesthetically pleasing as well as reduce set-up and teardown time of your favorite games.
“I began by posting pics over at BGG for designs I had come up with. I had numerous people telling me that I should try selling them. I never, in a million years, figured people would buy things that I had made but, after much insistence from fans, I built my own web store and displayed only those I had created for myself. Well, it's been nearly two years now and the support I've received from the board game industry (from reviewers, to publishers, to my loyal customers) has been extremely humbling. As I've been able to afford better tools as well as refine my process, I have been able to lower prices.”
Rob’s inserts and his available advice given on have helped create a hobby inside our hobby. Many board gamers have turned on to the idea of designing their own inserts using foam core. Rob’s designs are some of the best on the web. Whether you’d like to purchase an insert built professionally by him, or want to get some ideas when building your own, the new webpage can help make your best games even better. Check out the site today and enjoy reduced prices in celebration of the new look.