Gotta Catch'em All: Arcadia Quest

November 26, 2015 - 9:57am
arcadia quest pets On Monday, backers of the Kickstarter for Arcadia Quest: Inferno were informed of an optional add-on: Pets! Arcadia Quest: Pets will be an expansion for both the base game Arcadia Quest as well as the currently running Kickstarter, Arcadia Quest: Inferno. Inferno is a standalone expansion to the highly acclaimed Arcadia Quest. The Kickstarter has currently surpassed its predecessor in backing dollars. The Pets expansion sets out to add tiny plastic pet characters to the game that add to the strategy players must use in order to become the top guild of Arcadia. Guild Pets in the game will work with the guild to give bonuses to its members. They do not fulfill quests or attack other players like normal heroes, but aid the player heroes by providing unique benefits such as extra attack, defense, movement and more. arcadia quest pets banner Pets can also “evolve” to get stronger during the game, as well as having their own unique items and spells to give them additional benefits. Pets may be attacked but grant none of the normal rewards given by killing a monster or player hero. Why would you be so cruel as to attack them? You monster! Guilds will start with their own pet but may also catch other Pokémon pets throughout the campaign. Roaming pets will act as additional monsters on the board and the first guild to kill a pet in each scenario may claim the pet to use later. After the first pet is killed each scenario, all others run away in fear. Players must race against each other if they want to have a chance at gaining new pets. While the Pets expansion can be added to any Arcadia Quest campaign, it will also come with its own unique campaign. The evil witch Vexia is corrupting the Pets of Arcadia and turning them against its people. It is up to your guild (with some interference by the other guilds) to stop her. The expansion comes with new tiles and upgrade cards, two new heroes, one new campaign and villain, and a plethora of different pets. Ordering the expansion through Kickstarter also gives all backers the exclusive pet Cerby, the Cerberus. The Kickstarter project for Arcadia Quest: Inferno as well as the Pets expansion will end on December 9th. Estimated delivery date is June 2016. You can read more about this on Kickstarter here.