Coming Soon for X-Wing - Imperial Assault Carrier Expansion Pack

November 26, 2015 - 10:11am
imperial assault banner Not to be confused with a method to carry your Imperial Assault game, this is a new large ship for Epic Play in the X-Wing system from Fantasy Flight Games.  The pack includes a Gozanti-class cruiser, two TIE fighters, and a host of upgrades for all your large ships.  This newest article goes into detail about the impact a large ship can have on Epic Play games of X-Wing.
While X-Wing Epic Play utilizes the same basic rules set as your 100-point Standard Play matches, it offers a play experience that is distinctly larger in its scope and feel. Not only does the Epic Play format allow you to spend three or more times the number of squad-building points, it allows you to bring huge-base ships into the battle. These huge ships contribute to the Epic Play format's distinctive feel in several ways. They're massive, towering over the game's small- and large-base ships, and they change the game's aesthetics accordingly. Suddenly, your squad-based skirmish is something greater. There's a new balance to the battle as starfighters and bombers clash alongside capital ships and transports.
The plethora of new cards to upgrade your ships means that it isn't just the Imperial Assault Carrier that benefits.  Many of the included cards can be used as upgrades for your Imperial Raider as well!  Adding the Gozanti-class to your fleet means everyone benefits and Epic Play is that much more exciting and dynamic.  If you missed the first article announcing the release, you can read it here.