"Secret Hitler" social deduction game Kickstarter

November 27, 2015 - 8:48am
random hitler Over on Kickstarter is the tongue-in-cheek social deduction game Secret Hitler which has nearly tripled it's funding goal with 28 days remaining. The game takes it's cues from modern favourites such as Resistance, Avalon and Werewolf and plays 5-10 players.  Set in 1930s Germany, players are split into teams of either Fascists or Liberals.  The Liberals must find the Secret Hitler and the Fascists must pass fascist policies and install Hitler as their leader.  The game has a similar start to Resistance and Avalon with everyone closing their eyes and the Fascists knowing each other and the identity of Secret Hitler but Secret Hitler doesn't know the fascists or liberals and the liberals don't know who anyone is.  Each round players elect a President and Chancellor.  The President chooses 3 policies from a random deck, discards one and then the Chancellor must decide which one to pass.  In order for the Fascists to win they must pass 6 fascist policies or pass 3 and then elect Secret Hitler as Chancellor. Each fascist policy passed includes a power that the President can then use such as assassinating a player or choosing the next President.  It looks to be an interesting spin on the likes of the Resistance and has a lot of positive buzz.  There don't seem to be any stretch goals at present and two tiers, one of which includes a foil pack of Cards against humanity fascist cards (as one of the designers also designed Cards against Humanity).  There are more details including gameplay videos, pdfs of rules and many testimonials from celebrities and games designers over on the Kickstarter site.