Board With Life Returns in Season 2

November 24, 2015 - 11:15am
board with life banner Moonrat Media has just announced the second season of the hit comedy web series "Board with Life," arriving this February of 2016.  "Board with Life" follows a group of board game geeks during their regular game nights. The following is an excerpt from Moonrat Media's YouTube channel, in which the show is described: "Join the gang every week as they vie for power in 1840's New York City, establish dominance over the isle of Catan, and sometimes work together to save the world from global disease and infection. Alliances will forge, rivalries will emerge, and everyone will end the night Board with Life." This new season promises seven new episodes that will appeal not only to fans of the show, but also will be a great entry point to new viewers.  As the show's channel jokingly quips, "Miss the 1st Season?  Skip It.  Catch up later." The YouTube channel also contains reviews, how to play videos, comedy sketches and more enthusiastic enthusiast content. To check out the "Board with Life Season 2 Trailer", follow the direct link here. You can also check out the show's YouTube channel by following this link.