CMON partners with EBS Hobbies for UK distribution

November 24, 2015 - 11:33am
EBS CMON CoolMiniOrNot (CMON) has released a statement that EBS Hobbies will be their hobby miniatures distributer in the UK. While CMON has a large line of game products that use miniatures as components, EBS Hobbies will exclusively handle CMON’s two miniature war game lines: Dark Ages and Wrath of Kings. CMON’s CEO, David Doust, had this to say:
“We’re excited to have EBS Hobbies supporting these two brands and helping to get these products onto the tables of fans of miniature war games. We believe with the reach and relationships that EBS Hobbies have built that this partnership will help continue to grow these two already strong and exciting properties.”
Brian Edwards of EBS Hobbies adds:
“We here at EBShobbies are proud to be partnering with CMON for the exclusive distributorship of their miniature gaming lines of Wrath of Kings and Dark Age. Wrath of Kings is the new game not to be missed in the gaming industry and Dark Age is a rivaled favorite. CMON have the highest quality miniatures and accessible rules and are by far the best gaming company around today and we are thrilled to be representing them in the UK."
Dark Ages and Wrath of Kings are two of many games that have successfully funded on KS by CMON. Both lines have been received well in the miniatures market due to their gameplay and well done minis. Dark Ages is a tactical skirmish game that uses a d20 system while Wrath of Kings is a full scale miniatures war game that uses a d10 system. Gamers in the UK can hope for easier access to these titles in the future through EBS Hobbies.