Coming in Spring 2016 from AEG, Richard Garfield's Greedy, Greedy Goblins

November 15, 2015 - 10:36am
greedy greedy AEG has announced a small box game to be released in spring of 2016, Greedy, Greedy Goblins - from none other than Richard Garfield.  Greedy, Greedy Goblins is a real time game of mining for gold and gems with goblins, and hoping that you don't get blown up in the process.  In the game every player will be drawing mining tiles and placing them into caves. When they think a cave is worth enough they can then claim the cave with one of their goblins so that it can be scored at the end of the round (once a cave is claimed nothing else can be placed there).  Another option is claiming the guildhall and drawing a minion at the end of the round to give you bonuses you can use in the next round.  As for the tiles you draw, some are the treasure you seek, others can be monsters or other special effects tiles, or even dynamite.  The dynamite adds in a push your luck aspect because one dynamite doubles the score for that cave, two will triple the score, and three will blow you goblin to smithereens and score you nothing for that cave.  First person to 100 coins wins the game. The art has a Smash Up type feel to it and the variety of minions to aid in scoring are nice, you can head over to the AEG site to read the rules and look at some previews of the cards.