"All In," the New Party Game from Patch Products

November 16, 2015 - 8:25am
all in In case you need more party games, Patch Products, a leading manufacturer of toys, puzzles, and games,  now has a new party game available. In All In, 3-6 players take turns reading statements that are true or false, while other players bet on the correct answer. From the press release:
All In® will give you the most exciting true/false situations you'll ever experience! And you have no choice but to be All In, so be smart about where you place your chips becauseThe Truth Can Cost Ya!TM Just sit back, get comfy, and listen to another player read a card statement, like "I have gone skinny-dipping," "I have gotten into the wrong car by mistake," or "I have stuck my finger up someone else's nose."
For more information, see the full press release here.