The Ravens of Thri Sahashri English-Language Edition Coming from Osprey Games

November 5, 2015 - 10:36pm
REN_box_mockup The Ravens of Thri Sahashri is a two player asymmetrical game in which one player is trapped in a coma, her memories being devoured by ravens, and the other can share her dreams.  Both players must work cooperatively to free her from the coma.  Originally published in Japanese, Osprey Games will be publishing an English language edition.  The new version will feature the same beautiful art work of the original printed on over-sized cards in an embossed slipcase.  The development team at Osprey has also added three mystery envelopes that may be opened when a game is completed but only if certain qualifications are met. Being a connoisseur of two-player games, this has been on my radar for a long time and I'm very excited to finally be able to acquire a copy!  The game's developer, Duncan Molloy, had this to say:
What makes this game special is the fusion of a truly heart-rending story and extremely elegant and nuanced game mechanics. It is a game is like no other I’ve ever played, combining hidden information with a deteriorating deck, as the Ravens destroy memory cards between rounds. Only one player has access to the deck of memories, while only the other player knows which cards they need.
Osprey has an expected release window of May 2016.