Impressions releases for November

November 5, 2015 - 10:48pm
impressions_f1kgzg Impressions, the organizer of Free RPG Day, has released their shipping list for November 3rd which includes many RPG books and the like, but also a number of board games and related items.  For new releases this month we have the following: forge war Many will be happy to hear that Forge War will be coming back in stock many places as the second print run is shipping out.  Also of note is that they have cleaned up the graphics in the second run to make it more clear as well as fix all those annoying typos and edited the rulebook better.  So while not a full 2.0 treatment you should find the second print run easier to play and learn. birds of a feather Birds of a Feather, a bird watching card game which successfully Kickstarted in April of this year, is finally seeing it's game arrive on store shelves.  It plays 1-7 people in only 15 minutes so it could be a good filler for the bird lover. Also listed in the release where games that just hit store shelves and so are worth mentioning: First is the successfully Kickstarted Thunderbirds game by noted designer Matt Leacock.  Take control of the members of International Rescue as they zip around the world averting disasters and trying to stop the evil Hood before he completes his evil plans. Also released were a trio of expansion characters for Red Dragon Inn, the Wrench, Zariah the Summoner, and Halden the Unhinged.  Also released was the 4th expansion to the Red Dragon Inn game which not only boasts more characters to play, but also comes in a large box to store all the current characters and expansions of Red Dragon Inn with room for more. Lastly we look to the future with what is coming and that is the swamp exploration Kickstarter game, Swamped, look for it to hit store shelves in February of 2016. To see the entire list with all items being released (and not just board games) just head on over to the Impressions site to read it for yourself.