Hasbro Announces finalists in Crowdfunding Gaming Challenge

November 3, 2015 - 3:01pm
hasbro gaming lab banner Hasbro began a search for the "next big face-to-face party game" in August in conjunction with Indiegogo and have just announced their five finalists.  Selected by an expert panel, these games can be seen in more detail on Hasbro's Indiegogo partner page and at NextGreatGameChallenge.com.  The finalists are: Irresponsibility: The Mr Toast Card Game - a family card game featuring Mr Toast and his friends trying to shirk responsibility to other players while being as irresponsible as possible. Hexes!! - a witches and wizards card game that follows hilarious rules on the various hexes players cast on you such as reciting various phrases while completing a physical action. Warning!Signs - which involves playing as tourists and making up captions for the odd signs that are lying around. Touchy Feely - played blindfolded you have to complete certain tasks to earn differing amounts of points. Sunk! - you have to add a certain amount of water to a cup without it sinking, all while being distracted by your fellow players. The finalists must generate at least 100 unique contributors to their indiegogo site and winner will receive $10,000 and a trip to Hasbro headquarters so head over to the Indiegogo partner page for more details and a look at how the finalists campaigns are going before the winner is decided in December.