Winners announced for EuropeMasters 2015

October 16, 2015 - 8:09am
europemasters Those of us here in the states know about the WBC or the World Board gaming Championships that happens in Pennsylvania each year, well before you can win the world you have to win your continent first.  EuropeMasters is the board gaming championship for all of Europe and Canada and featured 29 teams vying for the title.  Teams consisted of 4 people and they played 4 different games with each individual's win getting their team 5 points for a possible max score of 80.  There were prizes for first, second, and third as well as the best individual performance.  The four games played this year were Five Tribes, Deus, ZhanGuo, and Orleans.  After all games were played the results were as follows: 1st Place with 65 points - Brettspielteam Hamburg (Germany); Jan Ruess (16 points), Sebastian Moises (14 points), Dennis Johannsen (18 points), Mika Seidel (17 points) 2nd Place with 59.5 points - Steppe Nomads (Finland); Oskari Vuorio (15,5 points), Johannes Rimpiläinen (11 points), Iridian Kiiskinen (18 points), Juuso Lähdekorpi (15 points) 3rd Place with 58.5 points - Poslední Naděje (Czech Republic)l; Mario Babunek (15 points), Mailan Horák (9,5 points), Karel Kozmik (16 points), Ondřej Demel (18 points) Overall Best Individual with a perfect score of 20 - Robert Oestreich from InTeam (Germany)