Fantasy Flight Games reveals next Hero and Monster Collection pack

October 16, 2015 - 8:15am
stewards of the secret minis Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) continues to bring familiar heroes and monster from the original Descent into Descent Second Edition.  In this pack you will get new sculpts of the Nagas, Blood Apes, and Ferrox monster figures as well as four new heroes.  One of the new heroes is Seer Kel who has the impressive ability of being able to ignore most line of sight blockers, meaning she can take powerful shots at enemies from outside their reach.  To counter this though the enemies are nasty and the Ferrox both hits hard (rolling THREE dice for attack) and has staying power with it's ability to sap a hero's stamina to recover his life.  Then you add in the two new quests included in this pack and you have a well rounded package to add to your ever expanding Descent set.  Head over to the FFG page to read more about it, expected release is first quarter of 2016.