Magic: the Gathering board game gets it's first expansion

October 14, 2015 - 6:47pm
magic monster banner Magic: the Gathering, Arena of Planeswalkers has been billed as the successor to the Heroscape game and was released this year to much excitement and hype.  The initial release included a good amount of material and played as a skirmish type game pitting heroes (called planeswalkers) against each other to see who survives.  The first expansion, Battle for Zendikar, will include more spells, two new heroes (Kiora and Ob Nixilis), and a colorless enemy hero, the Eldrazi Ruiner.  Also in this expansion are rules for a one vs. many style game where the planeswalkers will team up to fight against the gigantic Eldrazi Ruiner (with matching enormous "mini") to destroy him before he devours you. You can head over to the Gizmodo Toyland site to read more about the expansion and see some pictures, expected release date is January 2016.