Star Wars Imperial Assault Preview: Hired Guns Villain Pack

October 8, 2015 - 7:46am
hired guns preview Fantasy Flight is offering us all a preview of the newest expansion pack for their wildly popular tactical combat/campaign game Star Wars: Imperial Assault. The Hired Guns Villain Pack introduces two new characters (with miniatures) to the game, specifically, the Hired Guns. These are low cost, front-line grunts who are relatively easy to kill, but they can strike at range, use surges to increase their accuracy, deal extra damage or pierce enemy armor and they get a free attack when they're killed. For a slightly higher cost in points, you can also use the Elite Hired Guns, who are more accurate and harder to kill. The pack also includes several new missions, such as a mission to stop the creation of an alliance between the Empire and the many mercenaries of the galaxy or a mission which allows the Imperials to win simply by wounding all of the Heroes on the board. New Agenda cards allow you to grant other non-unique figures a Parting Shot ability just like the Hired Guns have, or to discard Supply cards that Heroes have drawn by interacting with a crate. The Last Resort Skirmish Upgrade (for a cost of only 1 point) will allow you to cause even more damage to your enemies when your figures are destroyed. And finally, the pack also includes new Command cards that may allow you to boost a Smuggler character at an opportune moment, escape from an enemy Melee character at the last minute or even lower the point value of one of your non-unique battle groups that was just destroyed. Be sure to check out the full preview here.