New trailer for Xenoshyft Onslaught expansion, Grafting Lab

October 6, 2015 - 10:39pm
grafting lab When XenoShyft Onslaught was first kickstarted it had the option for two mini-expansions to be added to your pledge, Grafting Lab and Psychogenics Research.  Now with the impending retail release of the first one, Grafting Lab, CoolMiniOrNot has released a trailer showing off the cards in the expansion.  These new cards will give you a new division to choose from and six additional upgrades for your troops to help beat back the constant onslaught of bugs.  Check out the trailer on YouTube here and look for this expansion on store shelves October 24th.  Below is the full press release from CMON. October 1, 2015 - CoolMiniOrNot, CMON Inc., has released a new trailer for its first retail expansion for XenoShyft: Onslaught. Available at local game stores on October 24th, 2015, the XenoShyft: Grafting Lab Expansion adds a brand new division to NorTec’s already expansive military and six new cards players can use to help their Troops face the relentless onslaught of The Hive. The new Grafting Division has a strong focus on enhancing not only a Troop’s combat capabilities, but also grants it additional abilities and powers unmatched by any other Division. These abilities come from the six new cards, including the “Cerberus” Arm Blade, “Charon” Buzzblade, “Chimera” Fusion Limbs, “Harpy” Bio-Mech Wings, “Manticore” Exoskeleton, and “Pandora” Explosive Implants. To defeat your enemy, sometimes you must become them. XenoShyft is a game for 1-4 players, with each player controlling one of the Divisions of the NorTec Military. Each of the Divisions represents one part of the overall NorTec Base, and it is the players’ job as Commanders of these Divisions to protect the base at all costs while its field operations are completed. More expansions are planned for November 2015, including the Psychogenics Lab and Hive Expansion.