Secrets of the Lost Tomb: The Elite Missions

October 4, 2015 - 10:13am
secrets of the lost tomb Well, we forgot to mention this when the Kickstarter campaign began but better late than never. Additionally, we can report that the campaign has not only funded, but blown away the goal and with over a week still remaining! Secrets of the Lost Tomb: The Elite Missions is an expansion to Secrets of the Lost Tomb, a cooperative exploration game published by Everything Epic and designed by Christopher Batarlis. The KS campaign not only will fund the Elite Missions expansion, but also help fund artwork for the next expansion coming called Traitors of the Lost Tomb. secrets elite So, what is Secrets of the Lost Tomb? Well, "Secrets of the Lost Tomb is a cooperative game of thrilling action-adventure and exploration. 1-6 Players assume the roles of heroic Adventurers, members of a secret order, working together to investigate forgotten mysteries, survive dangerous creatures and traps, all the while, shielding humanity from the supernatural powers of The Tomb: a primeval vault brimming with incomprehensible powers perpetually struggling to be set free!" The expansion will contain the following:
  • Vesper's Quest - A grave robber is trying to steal the key to the Lost City of Atlantis!
  • Evermourning the Cursed - An Unintentional Vampire and a lost love with immortal revenge.
  • The Excavation - Searching for Artifacts has never been more dangerous!
  • Military Incursion - US Soldiers have invaded the Tomb and are getting in your way!
  • Biohazard - The Tomb is filling with a deadly gas!
  • The Ticking Tomb-Bomb - A Maniac has planted Bombs throughout the Tomb and is trying to destroy it while you're inside!
  • Soul Lock - You kill creatures but they just keep coming back!
  • Soul Extortion - The Soul Monger wants souls... and he wants them NOW!
  • The Hunted - The Tomb's most Dangerous Game!
  • The Cartographer - Making a map seemed easy... until the Tomb...
  • The Gauntlet - The Test of a Knight from Arthurian Legend!
  • The Gorgon's Head Comet - The Three-Tailed Comet has a mind of its own!
  • 10 Soldier Cards (Use in Military Incursion) - Soldiers used to move through the Tomb!
  • 6 Bio-Suit Cards (Use in Biohazard) - Special Unique cards used to prevent the gas from killing you!
To get in on the fun and pledge, you can visit the Kickstarter campaign here.