Full Rulebook released for Mega Civilization

October 4, 2015 - 9:32am
mega civ rultebook Only two games come to mind when I think of something that is MEGA, Ogre Designer Edition, and Mega Civilization.  Mega Civilization is the re-implementation of the 1980 Avalon Hill game Civilization (not to be confused with Sid Meier's Civilization) and is a game about taking your fledgling civilization and growing it in all facets, cultural, economic, scientific, political, civic, religious, to become a mighty empire.  The time span of the game is epic, starting just after the Ice Age and lasting into the Iron Age, a span of over 8,000 years.  During this time 5 to 18 players will be building their civilizations in the most balanced way possible to gain the most points and achieve victory.  With a play time of a short game being 6-8 hours and the normal game last 10-12, this game will be a day long experience.  Also, before I forget I should mention the map board comes in four segments, and when put together spans almost 7' wide and 2.5' deep.  Follow this link to check out the full rulebook and head over to it's BoardGameGeek page to read more about this monstrosity of a game.