... and Then We Held Hands comes to Kickstarter

September 27, 2015 - 9:05am
and then we held The game ... and then we held hands, winner of the 2014 Golden Geek for the print & play category, is now available on Kickstarter from LudiCreations. The two-player cooperative design by David Chircop and Yannick Massa turned heads last year due to its attempt to simulate the complex emotional dynamics of a relationship and its prohibition on verbal communication.
...and then we held hands. is a co-operative game about finding balance. To win, the two players must complete objectives and reach the center of the board. The players take turns trying to fulfill the current common emotional objective by discarding emotion cards to move from node to node. They must do this without verbal communication, empathizing and always considering each other's situation when making a move.
and then we contents The published edition currently on Kickstarter features new (and stunning) art from Marie Cardouat and a digital download for an original soundtrack. A limited number are available for shipping in November, with a second run slated for January; the publishers "absolutely, positively did not expect [the] tremendous response to the game," and have had to order more printed in order to meet the demand.