Now on Kickstarter: EXCEED

September 20, 2015 - 11:30am
exceed From David B. Talton Jr. at Level 99 Games (BattleCON and Pixel Tactics) comes EXCEED, a new two-player tabletop fighting card game.
EXCEED is a turn-based fighting card game with a simultaneous selection element, combining the pacing of structured play with the tension of simultaneous attacks. Each turn you'll be able to move, to use one of your fighter's many boost options, or to improve your position by drawing more cards. If you think you've got the advantage, press the attack and Strike your opponent to compare your cards. Whoever has the superior attack will win the exchange! Each fighter has their own unique attacks and abilities that will change the way you evaluate the battlefield and your hand, as well as inform when you want to attack and when to play it safe. You can even improve your unique ability further by going into Exceed Mode and unleashing your full power!
exceed comp This game will have easy-to-learn gameplay as well as flexible options so that players can adapt fighters to their own style. EXCEED will come as a series of Duel Decks, each containing four fighters and enough cards for two players to play. Unlike CCGs or LCGs, each character is a complete kit, so when you get a Duel Deck, you get the complete deck for those four characters. The Kickstarter currently has four different duel decks to choose from - so you can pick which deck you want, or get them all! To learn more and see the heroes from the first 'season' of EXCEED, visit the Kickstarter here. Also, you can download the rulebook and a free demo deck to try it out and see if you like it!