Tail Feathers Design Contest

September 19, 2015 - 12:32pm
tail feathers banner Plaid Hat Games has announced a contest to promote their new release, Tail Feathers. The contest asks entrants to design a pilot for use in the game, including name and ability text. You're welcome to submit more information, such as statistics or backstory, but the name and basic concept are sufficient for entry. You need only submit a reply to the contest page on the Plaid Hat blog, by following the link above. As previously reported by this site, the new design by Plaid Hat's Jerry Hawthorne is a skirmish-level miniatures game of avian combat, featuring some unique and highly detailed miniature sculpts and an innovative turning mechanic based on tilting flight bases. Two contestants will win a $55 Plaid Hat gift certificate (sufficient to pre-order the game), and the Grand Prize winner will get a free copy of the game (shipped anywhere) and also see his pilot published as a web promo for the game! The entry deadline is 10/22/15, so act fast.