Coming Soon from Bruno Faidutti, 3 Monkeys

September 17, 2015 - 9:38pm
Bruno Faidutti, designer of many great games like Citadels, Incan Gold, and Mission Red Planet, will be publishing a game through In Ludo Veritas called 3 Monkeys.  The idea for this game came from the fact that most autistic people don't like to make eye contact, and so to judge people's moods they often focus on other parts of the face, most often the mouth.  This, consciously or unconsciously, causes relatives of autistic children to often over-exaggerate their mouth expressions, and thus an idea for a game was born.  In 3 Monkeys you will pull a card that has an emotion that you have to mime, greed, joy, anger, etc., and everyone else has to figure out what emotion you are miming.  While that sounds easy there is one wrinkle, you will have to be covering either you ears, eyes, or mouth while you are miming, and you have to do three emotions in a row, changing what you are covering each time.  The game will last a brief 15 minutes and can play a crowd of up to 10 people.  Expected release date is October/November of 2015 and you can head over to Bruno's blog to read more about it and see the art.