Now on Kickstarter, BitCrates

September 17, 2015 - 9:16pm

We all know the struggle with board games and bits.  Some games have only a few and are easy to keep track of and keep separate, others will have piles and piles that need some kind of organization or they will take up as much space on the table as the rest of the game, and that is where BitCrates come in.  While before you could use glass bowls or cheap plastics bins, now we have the option of nicely crafted wooden crates to hold game tokens.  These crates can be used at the table to hold the tokens giving you easy access to them in a compact space, then when you are done playing you can put all the crates away in a storage box for the next game.  Pledges range from a set of 4 all the way up 16 with the storage box.  Head on over to the kickstarter page to check it out and pledge for your own set.