Fight a Bigger Battle - announcing two new X-Wing starship expansions

September 16, 2015 - 11:27am

Just arriving out of hyperspace following on from the new X-Wing "Force Awakens" core set comes two new expansions the T-70 X-Wing and Tie/fo to boost your squadrons as part of wave VIII. The T-70 comes with five upgrades and four ship cards, including some elite pilots.  One of these pilots is "Red Ace" who has an uncanny ability to shake off incoming fire by gaining an evade token whenever he loses a shield token in each round.  The Tie/fo has six ship cards and two upgrades and also includes some elite pilots who can modify defenders die results built around a mechanic of using evade tokens and one of the new tech upgrades, the Comm relay that allows evade tokens to be saved from one round to the next.  A very handy diagram also illustrates how these new factions work with the original X-Wing factions, so head over to the Fantasy flight website for more in depth information - the fate of the galaxy may depend on it!