Epic Coins now funding on Spieleschmiede

September 16, 2015 - 10:38pm

Over on the German kickstarter type site Spieleschmiede, a campaign is going for Epic coins to help pimp out your board games.  These are full metal coins with several different designs and sets that you can contribute for.  One set is clearly meant to replace the coins in Lords of Waterdeep but they also have a more generic set with animals on them.  While the sets you can pledge for are small with only 5 coins of each type, they have plenty of add-ons so you can customize your set to suit your needs.  But keep in mind that since this is in Germany you will have to take into account the extra shipping cost to get it sent to the US (13 euro).  Head on over to the campaign page to see more information and to back the project, which is already funded.