A Game of Gnomes Preorder

September 14, 2015 - 7:58am
fragor games Fragor Games has a new game coming out at Essen - A Game of Gnomes. Essen is the annual game show held in Essen, Germany in October, and this year it will be October 8-11. There currently isn't much information about A Game of Gnomes, but from the description it looks like a lighthearted game where 2-4 players are gnomes adventuring to seek their fortune. Also, the components look similar to miniature lawn gnomes (sculpted and painted), and it looks like it includes a large mountain for the gnomes to climb. Preorders for the game are now open. There is an option of Essen pick up as well as normal delivery, so anyone can preorder. To learn more and preorder A Game of Gnomes, check out Fragor Games's website here.