Orleans: Invasion Expansion

September 12, 2015 - 10:18am
orleans invasion The Kennerspiele des Jahres nominee, Orleans, has its first big expansion coming to Essen 2015 titled Orleans: Invasion. In this expansion, a new cooperative variant, designed by Inka and Markus Brand, pits the players against a threatening invasion. The team must work together to fill the granary and to reinforce the city’s walls to keep the advancing enemies at bay. In addition, each player now has special abilities given to them on their unique character cards which also provide tasks of their own to complete. New events also stack the deck against the players what with arsonists trying to burn everything they can get their torches on and rats who not only bring plague but also really have a hankering for your cheese supply. Some events, however, also provide the team with support in surprising and unexpected ways. The cooperative variant tells the story of the citizens of Orleans rising up against their invaders and adds a new depth of challenge. Orleans: Invasion also includes five additional variants for players to explore. The “Golden Age” is a classic extension that expands the original gameplay. The “Duel” is a new 2-player scenario in which both players must each complete four tasks and the player who completes these tasks first wins. The other three variants introduced are for solo play. Each solo variant has varying lengths and difficulty levels requiring different strategies to complete (of course, a little luck doesn’t hurt). Orleans is a terrific game which was reported by many as being the hottest game of Essen 2014. This new release promises to expand that excitement by offering completely new ways to play the game. Fans are eagerly awaiting taking this game to the next level with Orleans: Invasion. You can click here for more information.